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The Best Time of Year To Do Renovations

Spring and summer are indeed the ideal times to start home renovations projects. The sun is out, the weather is beautiful, and it’s the best time for renovation companies to do their work. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the

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The Benefits of Home Renovations

Are you thinking about renovating your home but unsure if it’s worth the time, money and risk? If only you knew the benefits that come with a home renovation in Calgary.  Luckily, we have them listed for you below!  Three

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Kitchen Renovation Ideas On A Budget

When it comes to home renovations in Calgary, there is no bigger drawcard than the kitchen. And it makes sense: it’s the busiest room in the house, where memories are created and people come together.  But what if you want

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How Much Does A Home Addition Cost?

Last month, we spoke at length about “Planning A Home Addition”, while in November, we touched on the cost of a home extension in Calgary.  In today’s blog, we’re going to combine these topics to take a look at the

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What Renovations Increase Home Value The Most?

With 2021 settling in, it’s time for homeowners to consider which renovations they’re planning to implement.  While there are specific parts of the home that they would like to renovate, one question always hangs in the back of their minds:

Planning a Home Addition: How to Do It

When it comes to planning your home additions in Calgary, it is best to start with a general idea. As you formulate the project, you can hone in on the details, but don’t be afraid to turn your dreams into