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Basement Renovations in Calgary

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Basement renovations calgary
Basement development calgary

How do you know when it’s time for a basement development in Calgary? Simple: when you need more space.


Whether it’s an extra living room, entertainment centre, a secondary suite for guests (or additional income) or a home office, it’s important to renovate your basement to meet your family’s changing lifestyles. 


At Solid Solutions, we’re the qualified and loyal renovators who will upgrade, repurpose and reconstruct your basement into anything you want. We’ll listen to your long-term goals and desires and then support your ideas from start to finish.


Our detailed planning process, top-tier craftsmanship and honest, transparent communication are how we’ll deliver a fun-filled and functional basement for the whole family! 

What Matters Most to You?


Your basement has the potential to be more than just a cluttered and uncomfortable storage space. We can make it a comfortable and relaxing spot by upgrading its appearance, layout and materials while making it connect with the rest of your home’s style.


We can help you utilize your basement's layout, space, and dimensions, so it’s more functional for your family’s needs. Whether a remodel or a complete renovation, our team will provide your family with more space to live and enjoy your basement.


A cluttered and cramped basement can be dangerous for your family. We can turn it around by improving materials (such as the floors), systems (such as electrical and plumbing), and maximizing the space available so that it becomes family-friendly.
What’s Trending?

As the leading basement contractors in Calgary, we’ll begin the renovation process by understanding how a new basement can improve your life. Whether you’re interested in open-concept spaces, guest rooms, home gyms, music studios, man-caves or she-sheds, the choices are endless with our basement renovation team.

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Basement development calgary
Reclaim your own space or give extra room to the kids and guests by adding new bedrooms to your basement. We’ll design and create bedrooms that are comfortable and peaceful.
Make the most of your basement space by adding a new bathroom or ensuite. These extra rooms allow you and your family more time and space to get ready.
Have fun watching your favourite films or playing games all night by turning your basement into an in-home entertainment centre. You’ll have heaps of fun with family and friends.
Home Office
Having a dedicated home office allows you the time and space to work productivity without in-office distractions. It’s perfect for contractors, freelancers and aspiring entrepreneurs.
Secondary Suite
A secondary suite with a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, is a smart way to earn extra income. We’ll upgrade your basement so your guests stay longer, making you money.
Natural and interior lights adds brightness and atmosphere to your basement while improving mood and happiness. We’ll tailor the lighting to your family’s needs. 
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Take advantage of our one-of-a-kind quoting software. We quote based on actual materials, providing you with a detailed, itemized quote ASAP. 

A Solid Team You Can Trust

What makes Solid Solutions stand out from the crowd? We place your personal goals and desires at the centre of all our work while supporting your ideas with insider advice and guidance. The proof is in our “solid” reviews from happy homeowners throughout Calgary, who compliment our trustworthiness, loyalty to the project, top-tier craftsmanship and use of high-quality materials. No matter what, we will deliver an amazing basement on time and within your budget, making us the ideal team for basement renovations in Calgary

Basement renovations calgary
Our Customers Have Spoken

The first step is to determine what you want to do with your basement before considering your finances and whether it’s attainable. If you are struggling with ideas or unsure of what to do, we can assist you.

Yes, you do. Like home or commercial renovations, many basement developments affect the home’s structure, foundation, framing and surrounding land, and water, power, and electrical systems. This means you require a permit from the City of Calgary to commence any work. 

Your basement renovation cost will vary depending on your project’s size, scope, and complexity. Installing a new bathroom or bedroom will be more challenging than creating a new living room. The best way to determine the cost of your project is to know your goals and to speak to our team for an estimate.

Of course, you can! As basements are out of the way, you’ll be able to continue living in your home. However, while we will try not to disturb you, there is a chance there will be noise, tools and equipment. We’ll explain our building schedule in more depth, so you know what to expect each day and provide you with details on how to prepare for the renovations.