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Renovating your commercial property will bring in new customers or tenants and enhance productivity and happiness while improving your property’s value and curb appeal. At least, that’s what happens when partnering with Solid Solutions. 


We specialize in small to large-scale commercial renovations in Calgary, designing and constructing workplaces for office, industrial and retail industries. 


We aim to build your ideal working environment around your long-term goals, supporting your ideas with a detailed plan, transparent communication and top-tier craftsmanship. We promise a streamlined, cost-effective and smooth project that delivers the commercial renovations your business needs. 


Whether you own your own business, are a landlord or operate a property management company, there’s never a wrong time to get started on commercial renovations with us. 

What Matters Most to You?


The more comfortable your office design and layout, the more productive and happier your employees or tenants are. Upgrading floors, encouraging natural light, installing modern appliances, updating electronic systems and expanding rooms can make your workplace more of a home office.


Your commercial space should fit the working requirements of your tenants or employees, catering to their everyday needs. Do they need more space for desks, or would automation help them become more productive? We can redesign the layout of your workplace to make it more functional and efficient.


Safety is paramount in the workplace. We can ensure your building meets safety code standards, bylaws, and regulations to be safe for use. You can make your property safer by installing lighting in corridors and stairwells, anti-slip flooring materials and upgrading your security system.
What’s Trending?

Ergonomic work areas with natural light, open-concept and spacious layouts, designated office zones (for work, rest and play), and a positive decor can enhance your workplace design, resulting in happier employees and better productivity.

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Work Stations
Break out of the habit of boring cubicles and inspire your team. Personalizing work stations will make your employees comfortable while encouraging their inspiration and creativity!

Common Areas

Having a spot for your team to connect with coworkers is crucial. By upgrading common rooms with accent lights, large windows, and modern kitchens and bathrooms, you can support team bonding.

Meeting Rooms

Conferences no longer have to be drab or boring. We can help you leave a positive first impression on clients, employees and prospective recruits by updating your meeting rooms.



From open-concept spaces to collaborative zones for teams, you have unlimited options to design and construct an office that brings out the best in your management and employees.


Break Rooms

Employees need a spot to relax and recover to come back focused. Break rooms with full amenities and the right atmosphere and layout can help recharge your employees.

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Take advantage of our one-of-a-kind quoting software. We quote based on actual materials, providing you with a detailed, itemized quote ASAP. 

A Solid Team You Can Trust

At Solid Solutions, we believe that a successful project stems from a successful partnership where your interests are placed first. We are supporters in your corner, ensuring your renovation goals are brought to life through our detailed and supportive processes. This is the “Solid Solutions” way, and it’s why vendors, commercial establishments, large industries and local businesses come to us. To improve your customer experience, enhance workforce productivity and grow your business beyond expectation, reach out to Solid Solutions.

Commercial Renovations Calgary
Our Customers Have Spoken

In most cases, you will need a permit for commercial office renovations. These include situations where you’re changing the space from one type of business to another (from a bar to an office), structural changes (such as new walls) or mechanical changes (such as plumbing, heating or gas). You’ll also have to consider all Land Use Bylaws and Safety Codes as established by the Government of Alberta. Luckily, we’re here to help you with all of it.

It depends on the type of work that is ongoing. It might be possible to work while we’re renovating in some cases. However, the noise and effects of the renovation might affect workers. We’ll explain how you can approach your tenants or workers once we’ve established your commercial renovations plan.

If you are looking to upgrade the entirety of your commercial property, it’s best to do it all in one go. This ensures that the project timeline is streamlined, and the design and flow are consistent throughout, from the bathroom to the kitchen to the open-concept office space.

Lack of consistent tenants, plenty of wear and tear, minimal space, no constant design flow and poor security, safety and health standards are some of the key reasons you should consider commercial and office renovations.