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The Process for Building an Addition Onto a Home

When space is increasingly reduced in your home due to furniture, accumulated decor, or as you try to work from home, a home addition could be the best solution. A home addition is a complex and timely renovation where budgeting and meticulous planning are needed. Because this is such a substantial home renovations project, the process shouldn’t be rushed, and no detail should be overlooked. 

Here is a guide to help you navigate building an addition to your home that will alleviate any added stress that is sure to follow when beginning a home renovation. 

Plan your budget

Before you begin to build the addition to your home, there is much planning and research involved beforehand. One of the most important parts of the planning process is determining a feasible budget you will be able to work with. When preparing your budget, you shouldn’t try to cut corners to save money and, instead, be realistic. Home additions tend to cost upwards in the low six figures, but this number could quickly increase if the home addition includes a kitchen or ensuite. 

Outline your needs 

When you first thought of an addition to your home, a list of must-haves might’ve popped into your mind. If you imagine this additional part of the home has a certain flooring or style, record these elements you want to include in your home addition that you are not willing to part with. Outlining everything you want to include in this home renovation can give you an initial idea of how much time, effort, and money will have to be put into this project. 

Hire a contractor

After you have your budget and non-negotiables outlined, you should get started on hiring a general contractor who can be of excellent service to you when building the addition. A general contractor might have a staff of professional carpenters that can assist with a portion of the work. A general contractor might have optimal connections with subcontractors that can be hired to install plumbing, wiring, and electrical onto the home addition. Finding a good contractor to work with is vital in completing the addition project efficiently and effectively. A home addition is far too much work to carry out yourself, even if you are skilled at hands-on projects. 

Getting permits

A hired contractor will have to obtain building permits and place these permits in a visible location when starting to build the addition. After the permits have been acquired, you can expect a portable toilet to be dropped off on your property and a sign showing the company helping you with your home renovation. You should also expect the construction team to strip the piece of property where the addition will be located of any obstructions that may get in the way. 

Design phase

To further assist in your home renovations project, acquiring the professional expertise of a designer can be valuable and fun! The designer will utilize your research and your must-haves and create solutions for any problems that may be encountered along the way. A designer will finalize plans of what the addition will look like to make your new space as complementary to your home as possible. Once you have finalized your design, the construction of your new addition will begin and living amongst a construction zone will be your new reality until the expansion is complete! 

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