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The Cost of Bathroom Renovations in Calgary

 In the modern home, while the kitchen is far and away the number-one focal point for gatherings and spending time together as a family, the most important room in the home is the bathroom. Having an old, outdated bathroom is not only a drag to look at and deal with but will also greatly affect the value of the home. Whether you simply want to improve for your aesthetic purposes or even to increase the value for a sale, a bathroom upgrade may be precisely what you need. 

 Though this does bring up a large concern for many people, as they wonder how much bathroom renovations in Calgary, Canada, actually cost. Before you dip into those savings, let’s have a look at what you can expect to pay for any sort of bathroom reno. 

Bathroom Renovations Calgary

The Average Costs of Bathroom Renovations in Calgary 

 As you can likely guess, we cannot simply give you a precise number in terms of what you will spend on Calgary renovations for your bathroom. The reasons here are numerous in variables; e.g. every little deviation you make from the average is going to end up costing you more money or less money, depending on myriad factors. What we can do, however, is give you the average range. 

 Based on facts and figures from the best contractors in the area, the average person spends anywhere from $4,800 to $9,500 on a bathroom remodel, with the average expense falling right in the middle at around $6,000 CAD. So while this isn’t an exact figure, it does let you know what to expect for a new toilet, vanity, bathtub/shower combo, new flooring, and labor. All in with mid-range features and fixtures, you’re looking at around $6k. Though this investment typically doubles in value, be it equity or resale price. 

Factors in Fluctuating Prices For Bathroom Renovations in Calgary 

 The basic bathroom fix is rather cheap, whereas entire bathroom renovations in Calgary homes are where the money is going to be an issue. For example, the tub you purchase is going to dictate a lot of the money spent, as well as the fixtures you want, the sort of vanity you decide on, and especially the flooring. Adding to the potential costs are unforeseen issues that may arise, such as needing waterproofing or new plumbing lines. 

 So there is no exact number that fits every bathroom renovation. The best way to keep those prices down is to keep your tastes moderate and to choose a reputable Calgary company to assist you with your bathroom reno.

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