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The Cost of a Bathroom Remodel in 2021

Bathrooms are often one of the most overlooked rooms when it comes to home renovations. However, if you turn your attention to them, you’ll quickly realize there are so many ways to make the bathroom the most luxurious room in the house.


One of the many benefits of a bathroom remodel is that it can be one of the most affordable rooms to renovate in the home.


We explore how much a bathroom remodel might cost and how the expenses add up.


A Bathroom Remodel’s Price Tag


As with any renovation project, the price can largely be influenced by the choices you make. 



Understanding how the materials and appliances you select will affect the budget is important when planning your remodel. 


While they all serve the same purpose, there can be drastic variations in the cost of bathroom fixtures. From toilets to showers, there is such a range of options to choose from when designing your bathroom remodel. Take the time to consider your options- and your budget- when selecting fixtures, as they can significantly determine the cost of your renovation.


Tiles are another primary element to consider. From the flooring to the shower to even the walls, tile makes up a large portion of your bathroom’s surfaces. Tile can be quite pricey, depending on your tastes. Fortunately, there are less expensive options that can still give you the aesthetic you were hoping for.



The extent of the renovation and how much you hope to change will also impact the budget.

Tiled wall

Freshening up the vanity with a fun paint colour or replacing your chrome sink and shower knobs with brass or matte black ones are simple ways to make an impact on your bathroom. This allows you to show some TLC to your bathroom without having to spend too much money. From a few dollars worth of paint to a few hundred dollars worth of bathroom fittings, this is a more affordable option to consider when remodelling your bathroom.


Alternatively, you could go with the full bathroom renovation. After completely gutting the space, you would then get to select a new vanity, mirror, shower, toilet, flooring, paint, faucets, and furniture. This would require more effort for both you and your contractor, thus resulting in a higher price tag, but the finished product would be that much more impressive. 


Choosing to completely remodel your bathroom typically starts at $10,000. However, as mentioned, the materials and finishes you choose will need a larger budget.


Don’t hesitate to speak with a professional to get a quote and expert advice on your bathroom remodel. Happy renovating!


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