The Best Time of Year To Do Renovations

Spring and summer are indeed the ideal times to start home renovations projects. The sun is out, the weather is beautiful, and it’s the best time for renovation companies to do their work. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the best time for all projects. 

Some projects are better suited to winter and fall than others. 

We look at the best time of year for specific home renovation projects. 

Season by Season Home Renovations in Calgary

Spring & Summer – Exterior Renovations & Projects  

Spring is a good time to get your exterior renovation projects started. We’re talking about your outdoor living spaces, such as patios, decks, and outdoor rooms. You can even opt for painting and roofing, and siding work if you request. Home additions and renovations are also ideal during this season. Why is this the case? 

As the weather gets warmer, renovation companies will have more time to complete these projects within the desired time frame, thanks to a lack of weather delays. 

Modern Kitchen

So the earlier you start your project, the earlier it gets completed in the summer, the more time you have to enjoy the outdoors! 

Fall & Winter – Interior Renovations 

It makes sense that once the weather starts to dim, that you’re going to have to move internally to finish off your projects. Kitchen, bathroom and interior renovations, even basement developments, are perfect for the fall and winter seasons.

The reasons are obvious:

  • There are no issues with the weather.
  • The renovators can fully focus on your home’s projects.
  • There is less of a scramble to get things before the season ends. 

The only downside is that your life might be turned upside down with the work. It can be difficult to live in a situation where renovators are coming and out of your house, plus making a mess and making loud noises. So you might have to prepare for it by moving out for a few days or readjusting your lifestyle. 

In the end, you can get home renovations done at any time. It’s up to the experience and knowledge of the renovation company and whether the project is feasible during that time. 

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