The Small Kitchen Renovation Cost in Calgary

Tiny homes, and by extension, tiny kitchens, are on the rise this year. As we all strive to become more connected with the earth, it is important to reflect. To look back on our personal effects on the environment and how we can give back for our luxuries and our excess. But, then again, sometimes it’s just good to get your Calgary kitchen renovations on!


Today, we break down what factors might be a part of the cost of small kitchen renovations in Calgary. Things like company, materials and lighting come into play. Find out more down below.


 Factors of Calgary Kitchen Renovations



There are all sorts of new and interesting lighting options for kitchens these days. Under-cabinet lighting, hanging lights, decorative lamps and other lighting options can provide unique and well-placed lighting. The perfect solution for seeing in your small kitchen may involve a number of different lighting options, so don’t be afraid to get creative!


Choosing the right balance of objects in your small kitchen will be key. You must choose your cabinets, countertops, islands and other flat surfaces carefully to be both versatile and helpful. It’s more feasible to splurge on expensive materials in small quantities with small spaces, but maintaining a realistic budget is key to overall success.


The company you choose may influence your cost in a number of ways. A team of professionals who can make big changes with a small canvas is essential for achieving your small kitchen goals. Make sure it is a company that you can trust to help you realize your vision and that you speak with multiple companies to make an informed decision.


There is a surprising amount of real estate for tiling in even small kitchens. This durable material provides a splash of style. They are also easy to clean. Depending on the amount of tiling you use in your tiny kitchen, your costs can vary. The type of tiling can also influence the cost.


Start on Your Kitchen Renos Today!

These factors will all play a significant role in the cost. But, you can expect to spend between $14,000 to $44,000 and upwards of $60,000 if you do major renovations. However, the pricing will always depend on your unique situation, so contact us today for an estimate! 


Solid Solutions Renovations commits to providing homeowners and developers in Calgary with all their renovations needs. From kitchen renovations to basement developments in Calgary, we’re your one-stop-shop for everything. Our team will work side-by-side with you to ensure that your vision comes to life. We’re open with our processes and communication and will happily answer any questions or concerns you have. We proudly serve Calgary and surrounding areas, including Airdrie, Chestermere, Cochrane, Okotoks, and more. For home renovations in Calgary, contact Solid Solutions Renovations at 403-477-0987 today.

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