How To Do A Bathroom Reno On A Budget

You want to redo your bathroom, but you don’t want to overspend on it. So how do you get that shiny new bathroom that looks stunning without blowing your budget out of the water? 

How do you go about doing that? We have the answer with five simple tips for you to do bathroom renovations in Calgary on a budget. 

5 Tips For Budget Bathroom Renovations in Calgary 

Limit Your Tiling 

Tiles get expensive, especially if you completely redo your bathroom. A smart way to save money is to limit the amount of tiles and focus on high-impact areas, such as the floor and the walls. You can save thousands of dollars, while maintaining a chic look that works for your bathroom renovations. 

Save on Quality Countertops 

Everyone splurges on countertops, without knowing that it’s probably the most expensive part of the bathroom. But because the bathroom is usually a small room (unless it is the master bathroom), you’re spending on something that is not really worth it (say unlike investing in countertops for kitchen renovations in Calgary). 

To save money, look for bargains, deals and value. Be flexible with the material, and keep it on the down-low. 


Painting Can Save Big Time 

A little paint can go a long way to completely boosting your bathroom. Repainting is a smart investment that not only transforms your bathroom, but also saves you money. You can add a new layer of quality and style to your bathroom with some fresh paint. 

As pointers, make sure you consider moisture as a factor for your bathroom. Buy paint that is designed for bathrooms, so you know it will last you a long-time without any problems. 

Little Fixture Updates

Update your lights, sink, faucets, towel racks and drawers. It might not seem like much – and it won’t cost you too much – but it is a smart, small investment that pays off in the long-term. These items may seem insignificant, but updating them can make a big difference in your bathroom’s look. 

Go Green with Upgrades

Nothing works better than adding some green to your bathroom. Think about it: natural water with natural plants. It works so well because it is so simple. Adding some plants to your bathroom can go a long way to creating a natural look that blends well. It’s also cheaper than other options. 

Speak To A Calgary Home Renovation Company

These tips can help you invest in your bathroom without blowing your budget. But it doesn’t compare with getting help and advice from a trusted home renovation company in Calgary. Reach out and speak to professionals, and see how they can help you with your project. 

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