Cost of Home Extension In Calgary

A home extension or addition is a worthwhile investment that pays off in the long-term. You can enhance your property’s value, increase its curb appeal to prospective buyers and investors, and make life better for you and your family. 

The cost behind a home extension is, unfortunately, a huge deterrent. It’s, therefore, essential to know how much home extensions will cost you.

Before we get to that, though, you have to see what will impact your costs. 

What Impacts the Cost of a Home Extension in Calgary? 

Adding a home extension in Calgary is a significant investment because of the amount of work involved. Having a thorough understanding of what can impact the final cost of the renovations can aid you in planning your extension: 

  • City of Calgary permits – you will have to submit applications for any extensions or home additions in Calgary to the City council. They will ensure that the project is safe to build and is appropriate for the neighbourhood.
  • Preparation – in most cases, you will have to excavate a new area to create a solid foundation for the extension. 
  • Building the support structures – the renovators will need to focus on developing and building robust structures (both underneath and on the roof) to ensure the extension is stable. 
  • Interior and exterior elements – the likes of painting, stucco or siding, insulation, windows and doors all have to be considered when building the extension. 
  • The type of renovations – this is defined as the room you’re trying to develop. For example, you’ll need a connection to the water and electrical systems for bathroom renovations in Calgary. For an extended, you only need power. It all depends on what you want for the home extension. 
  • The cost of the labour hire – extensions requires a professional touch. Therefore, you will have to pay the contractors for the job, which will be impacted by their experience, quality of work and fees. Take your time to ensure that you find the right home renovations company in Calgary for your project. 

The Average Cost of a Home Extension in Calgary 

As you’ve seen from above, what you plan to extend in your home will impact its final cost. While that can be difficult to estimate, having an average amount can help guide you going forward. 

According to HomeGuide, a garage extension can cost between $14,100 – $42,300, while a bump-out can set you back between $5,000 – $30,000. Going for something more luxurious, like an In-Law suite, will cost you between $78,000 – $135,000, but a simple extension of your front porch can be between $2,900 – $20,000.

The best course of action is to speak to a home renovations company in Calgary for advice and information on what a home extension might cost you. 

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