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Condo Renovation Ideas

Just like any other homeowner, those who own a condo may wish to customize it to better suit their needs and style. However, renovating condos come with additional hurdles, from condo board guidelines to limitations on what you’re allowed to change.


This said, there are still several ways you can tackle a renovation project in your condo. Once you’ve gotten approval to hire a Calgary renovation company, let the designing begin!


4 Condo Renovation Ideas


Update Your Kitchen Cabinetry


When it comes to renovating condos, there are usually restrictions on changing the plumbing. This means the layout of your kitchen cannot be drastically altered. You can, however, change the aesthetics of your kitchen to better match your own preferences.


Cabinetry makes a large impact on the look of your kitchen. Whether choosing a lighter cabinet for a brighter, sunnier feel or a darker one for a more sleek finish, cabinets are a simple yet effective way to update your kitchen. 


While you’re at it, don’t hesitate to shop around for a new countertop as well. Depending on what year your condo was built, the countertops may feel outdated. Choosing a new one will help bring your renovation together.


Change Out Your Flooring


Why not switch out that carpet for hardwood flooring? Particularly in smaller spaces, allowing one material to flow throughout the entire space can help create the illusion that your condo is more open and spacious.

Choosing the right color for my wall

When it comes to your bathroom, changing out your tile can allow the room to feel fresh and updated. Plus, tile is a fun way to show off some personality. If you so wish, you can choose a fun or colourful pattern for your tile, allowing your floor to become a statement piece.


Paint Your Walls


One of the easiest ways to renovate your condo is by painting your walls. Not only will a fresh coat of paint help create the atmosphere that you want for your home, but it can also bring together other renovation projects to ensure your condo feels cohesive.


Meanwhile, if you have exposed brick, it might be fun experimenting with how you want it to play into your space. It’s fairly simple to paint brick, so if you don’t want a more industrial or rustic vibe, you can always use white or black paint to modernize it.


Pick Out New Lighting


Similar to plumbing, it’s unlikely that you’ll be allowed to move any of your electrical around. However, it is easy enough to replace your light fixtures. The lighting that comes with condos can be a little bland or basic. Adding your own touch on your condo through lighting is a great way to show that you’ve thought about the little things too.


There may be restrictions when it comes to renovating your condo, but it doesn’t mean that you are without options! By selecting the best Calgary renovation company, you can ensure that the process will go smoothly while being mindful of the condo board guidelines.


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