The Best Small Kitchen Makeovers

Kitchen renovations in Calgary are hard. Kitchen renovations for a small kitchen are even harder. With limited space, you can only do so much to brighten up your kitchen; to give it a personal touch that highlights its beauty while retaining all its functionality. 

There’s also the factor that the average kitchen renovations, according to the 2019 Reno Report from Homestars, cost around $20,944 ($195/sq. ft). Even though the return on investment was between 75 to 100%, according to the Appraisal Institute of Canada, it can be difficult to justify spending money on a small kitchen. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make small makeovers to transform your small kitchen. We got five of them for you.


Five Small Kitchen Renovations in Calgary

Open It Up 

Tiny kitchens can feel claustrophobic, but you can get rid of that feeling by trading your cupboards for open storage rows. You can leave your utensils on the shelves, showing them off. But most importantly, you’ll make your kitchen more spacious and open. It’s a great way to really give it some life. 

Go Green

Adding plants and pots around your kitchen might not seem like a smart thing (adding MORE stuff to an already small kitchen). But hear us out. Adding plants around your kitchen provides it with a natural environment and feeling, making it feel more open than it is. It’s also eco-friendly and creates a harmonious atmosphere. 

Mix Up The Materials

Any home remodeling contractor will tell you that changing up the materials in your kitchen can give it a bit of spice. Take it to another level by mixing up the materials of your countertop surfaces, cabinetry, fixtures, flooring and lighting. It might seem out of place, but these differences can create a flow that works for your small kitchen. Go for a granite countertop with open wooden shelves. Or ambient lights mixed with wooden floors. Your choice is yours. 

Light It Up 

Nothing brings out your kitchen more than lighting it up. Using a combination of task and atmospheric lighting can really create a special atmosphere that makes your kitchen stand out. Placement of light is also a significant factor as you can add ways to highlight specific parts of your kitchen. Example: use incandescent lighting underneath the upper cabinets shining down on the countertops to highlight the cooking area. It’s a neat trick that does wonders. 

Get Floored

Since dimensions are diminutive, your floors can make your small kitchen eye-catching. Whether you want to add tiles, linoleum, marble or hardwood, changing up your floors can magnify your small kitchen, and make it seem like there were more changes than expected (and compared to other kitchen renovations in Calgary, don’t cost that much!) 

These five little ideas can really makeover your kitchen, giving it new life. If you need more advice or are looking for professional work to be done, speaking to Calgary renovation companies can help determine if you’re on the right path.

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