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The Best Renovation Ideas For Old Homes

Older homes carry a lot of charm and personality. It can be an exciting prospect to bring an older home into the 21st century, as you get to combine modern features with the character and history of the existing house.


Renovating an old home isn’t always a straightforward process, for some of their quirks are less fun than frustrating. However, the end result is always worth it.


Let’s take a look at ideas to consider when renovating old homes.


Renovation Ideas For Old Homes



Replacing the windows in your home may not be the most exciting element of a home renovation. However, this step is a practical and money-conscious one.


Old windows are notorious for increasing heating and cooling bills. Drafty windows allow for outside air to creep in, thus counteracting your home’s efforts to regulate the temperature. You’ll immediately see a difference in monthly bills once you have new windows boasting a tighter seal installed.



One of the rooms in the home that always seems to be outdated is the bathroom. For some reason, the bathroom tends to be the last place that homeowners want to renovate, and it shows.

Man installing thermal roof insulation layer - using mineral wool panels. Attic renovation and insulation concept

Taking the time to update its colour, fittings, and flooring are three simple ways to bring the bathroom into the modern-day. 


However, if you want to add a little extra excitement, it’s not a bad idea to add a stand-alone tub. They are incredibly trendy right now, as they create a statement piece in the room but also manage to fit an older aesthetic. Therefore, if you’re hoping to integrate older elements of your home into the new, this is a great way to do that.


When it comes to renovating the kitchen, there are hundreds of styles to choose from. However, the goal of any kitchen remodel is to increase its utility to you. The purpose of the kitchen has drastically changed over the years, evolving from simply a place to cook to a place to gather with friends and family.


Many homeowners look at changing the layout of the kitchen, which is, of course, fine. However, take care to consider how you use the space. Moving the sink to have open shelving framing it is a trendy and stylistic option, but will that eliminate storage space for you? The look of the kitchen is important, but make sure it properly serves you in the end.


As a side note, try to keep your plumbing in the same place if you can. This will save you a significant amount of money, as you won’t have to move plumbing and potentially relocate anything in its way.


Renovating older homes aren’t always a linear process, as you may discover problems or new ideas along the way. Hiring a professional will help the process go more smoothly and add expertise to the project.


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