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Kitchen Renovation Ideas On A Budget

When it comes to home renovations in Calgary, there is no bigger drawcard than the kitchen. And it makes sense: it’s the busiest room in the house, where memories are created and people come together. 

But what if you want to upgrade your kitchen, but don’t have the funds to make huge renovations, then you might be thinking: how do I get more bang for my buck? What can I do to make my kitchen renovations in Calgary bigger and better without going over the top? 

You just need to apply a strategic list of small ideas that can impact the functionality and aesthetic appeals of your kitchen. We got those ideas for you below: 

Five Budget Ideas for Calgary Kitchen Renovations 

1) Upgrade Your Lighting

You wouldn’t think it, but lights can have a massive impact on how your kitchen is perceived. Bright lights can make even the smallest kitchens look amazing, adding volume and space to the rooms and giving an ‘open’ feeling. 

Add pendants over your kitchen island, changing the tone of your lights, or adding a string of tiny white lights underneath your cabinets to illuminate your countertop; you can refresh your kitchen without going over the top. 

2) Add a New Backsplash.

Modern-day backsplashes are stunning additions that can add layers to your kitchen. You can do away with simple tile designs and go for something more subtle and spectacular, such as oak-looking designs or Spanish mosaic designs. 

The best thing about it? Backsplashes aren’t overly expensive, last for a while and can be maintained quite easily. They’re designed for the kitchen, so you can expect them to withstand pretty much anything you throw at them. 

3) Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Sure, we would all love to have new kitchen cabinets. It’s the classic kitchen renovation that everyone does. But if you don’t have to change it completely to give it a refreshing new look. A simple paint job can help you with it. 

Whether you want bright white colours, a darker tone or a two-toned look (like white and grey, or grey and blue), there are limitless options when it comes to painting your kitchen cabinets. 

White kitchen design in new luxurious home

The most important thing to consider is the type of paint you’ll get so it works specifically for your kitchen. It’s best if you speak to paint professional or Calgary renovation company for more information. 

4) Adopt the Less is More Approach  

Sometimes less is more. But opting for a modern-day, simple design, you can actually make your kitchen seem larger and more open than it is. How do you do this? 

  • Remove all appliances and products that you don’t use. Keep them stored away. 
  • Those appliances that you don’t use? Sell them. No point keeping them if you don’t need them. 
  • Clear the countertops and design “sections” – it helps establish rules within the kitchen.
  • Go for lighter colours with your painting, tiles, backsplash or kitchen cabinets. The brighter the colours, the larger it seems. 

5) Add Simple Elegant Touches 

We’re talking about the likes of unexpected decorative touches, including photos or artwork (something related to the kitchen), an antique mirror, lamps on the countertops or copper pots and pans. 

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