The Process for Building an Addition Onto a Home

When space is increasingly reduced in your home due to furniture, accumulated decor, or as you try to work from home, a home addition could be the best solution. A home addition is a complex and timely renovation where budgeting and meticulous planning are needed. Because this is such a substantial home renovations project, the […]

What’s the Cost to Add a Second Story to a House

If you want to add extra space to your house without moving, adding a second story through home renovations is a handy and sufficient option. Adding an additional level will double the square footage of your home and can enhance its value as well. Although the benefits of a second-story addition are plenty, the costs […]

The Best Renovations For Winter

When it comes to home renovations during the winter, there is some debate on whether it’s a good time to do so. Many assume the snow and cold would make it difficult to renovate. However, that’s not quite the case! There are actually a few benefits in choosing to renovate during winter. The winter season […]

I Want To Renovate My House: Where Do I Start?

Renovating your home can feel both exciting and daunting. From the possibilities that the finished product can offer you to the tough, logical choices that need to be made, home renovations can feel overwhelming. And with there being so many moving parts that play into a home renovation in Calgary, it can be difficult to […]

Are Home Additions Tax Deductible?

Home additions are one of the most significant home improvement projects you can take on and greatly impact your home. By adding a new section to your home, you can alter its layout and change how you utilize its space. However, it’s no secret that a large renovation project requires a fair amount of money. […]

How To Renovate an Old House

Within Calgary, it’s not uncommon for your home to have seen its fair share of decades and trends. But now that you’ve saved up some money to turn your fixer-upper into your dream home, deciding where to start can seem daunting. We give a few suggestions on where to start with your home renovations. Beginning […]

Cost of Home Extension In Calgary

A home extension or addition is a worthwhile investment that pays off in the long-term. You can enhance your property’s value, increase its curb appeal to prospective buyers and investors, and make life better for you and your family.  The cost behind a home extension is, unfortunately, a huge deterrent. It’s, therefore, essential to know […]

Should You Renovate Your Home In Calgary During Winter?

There are a lot of decisions to make when you start home renovations in Calgary. You have to decide which parts of your home need to be renovated. You need to pick the right flooring and wall coverings. You are required to decide key design features and important finishes. You have to finalize your budget […]

What To Look For In A Calgary Renovation Company

Home renovation can add value to your home and your life. However, it is also a huge commitment. These renovations are not cheap, and they take a lot of time. Moreover, you are putting your home into disarray during the work. For all of these reasons, you have to be confident in your decision. You […]